Welcome To Losersville!

December 28, 2007

To anyone who has ever read my stuff over at A Trivial Pursuit, I welcome you. If you’ve just found Losersville randomly, make no mistake, I am as rabid an Atlanta sports fan as there is.

If you’re wondering why I chose this name, well, if you’ve spent any time following sports, you’ll know it’s a fitting moniker for our seemingly cursed city (Damn you, General Sherman!). More specifically, you’ll know that in 1988, Sports Illustrated dubbed Atlanta this very name. It seems only fitting our colorful, if bumbling, sports history should get its own blog.¬† While I can’t locate the original article, many have made reference to this ingominious title (like here, here, and a very early reference here).

We’ll take a look at the modern standard bearers of this title (cough, cough, Michael Vick…Bobby Petrino), and some of the past un-greats (like a certain¬†big-contract center from SMU, who’s in the banner above).

Hope you enjoy your stay!