Jim Leyritz Finally Looks Worse Than Mark Wohlers

December 28, 2007

Wow. Of all the days to start a blog dedicated to Atlanta sports futility, and a man who helped define it puts himself at the center of a tragedy:

 Leyritz Charged In DUI Death

Leyritz, of course, penned one of the most infamous chapters in Atlanta sports history. Not only did he tie a game that surely had the Braves headed to a 3-1 lead in the 1996 World Series, but he also squelched the city’s one and only chance at a sports dynasty.

While I certainly don’t want to make light of a very sad situation, this story just reminded me of what it is to be an Atlanta sports fan. I read the name Leyritz, and shuddered. His name, even now, is always preceeded by “World Series Hero”, much like John Rocker’s is always proceeded by “Who made racially insensitive remarks in a 1999 Sports Illustrated Article.”

More pertinent to the subject line in this article, many folks trace the demise of Mark Wohlers’ career back to that ill-fated slider he hung to Leyrtiz just over 11 years ago. He then suffered a mental breakdown that outstrips all of the psychoses of Dan Kolb, John Rocker, and Chris “The Grim” Reitsma, combined.

A messy divorce was thrown into the mix for Wohlers, just to make it an extra-strength career implosion. He may have pitched for 7 more seasons in the Majors, but 1996 was the beginning of the end. He saved 39 games that year, only to see his save numbers go down the next 3 seasons, nestling at a tidy O in 1999.

 Nonetheless, this story today reminds us all that whether you’re a hero or a goat on the field of play, the decisions you make off of it are a much better indicator of who you really are.

Great – here I start an ode to Atlanta’s low standing in the realm of pro sports, and I have to go and get preachy on my first real post!

I promise – more humorous falls from grace and false hope delivered by Ted Turner, Rankin Smith (Jr. and Sr. versions), Arthur Blank, etc. in the near future!


Welcome To Losersville!

December 28, 2007

To anyone who has ever read my stuff over at A Trivial Pursuit, I welcome you. If you’ve just found Losersville randomly, make no mistake, I am as rabid an Atlanta sports fan as there is.

If you’re wondering why I chose this name, well, if you’ve spent any time following sports, you’ll know it’s a fitting moniker for our seemingly cursed city (Damn you, General Sherman!). More specifically, you’ll know that in 1988, Sports Illustrated dubbed Atlanta this very name. It seems only fitting our colorful, if bumbling, sports history should get its own blog.  While I can’t locate the original article, many have made reference to this ingominious title (like here, here, and a very early reference here).

We’ll take a look at the modern standard bearers of this title (cough, cough, Michael Vick…Bobby Petrino), and some of the past un-greats (like a certain big-contract center from SMU, who’s in the banner above).

Hope you enjoy your stay!