Hawks Painfully Reminded That LeBron Doesn’t Play Here

January 3, 2008

LeBron Goes For 32 As Cavs Rally Past Hawks

The Hawks have yet to make the disastrous midseason trade to scuttle any playoff aspirations, but even if they did, they still wouldn’t have their own personal LeBron.

We can also be thankful Danny Manning, J.R. Rider, and Glen Robinson are now retired. Oddly, with all of the sturm and drang over his tenure as GM, Billy Knight hasn’t made many of the disastrously bad trades that plagued the Pete Babcock era (he’s going to get his own special Losersville salute one of these days).

In fact, the worst thing you can say about him is that he’s been patient with his coach, who seems to be working out, and that he drafted Marvin Williams instead of Chris Paul or Deron Williams.¬†In case you haven’t read the AJC once in the last 2.5 years (good for you) many feel that was a bad move, even though they now realize¬†Marvin is a good player, but was a bad pick, even though he’s a good player…but still…

While I managed to sneak in a few moments of this game in between watching West Virginia dismantle Oklahoma in The Fiesta Bowl (remember that perpetual Oklahoma BCS egg-laying I mentioned?), it still surprised me to realize that this loss dropped the Hawks from 4th(!) in the Eastern Conference to 5th!

Will they beat the Pistons or Celtics in a 7 Game Series? Probably not. Do they finally appear headed in the right direction? Yes, thank God, yes…