Ex-Falcons’ Playoff Bracket – There Shall Be Only One

January 18, 2008

Old. Man. Strength.

Apparently, Brett Favre has it in spades, because he’s the only Ex-Falcon left standing. As expected, Grady Jackson’s Jaguars and Patrick Kerney’s Seahawks ran into teams that vastly overmanned them.

The former regular on the early 90’s Buckhead nightlife scene needed only 18 completions to throw 3 TDs, and then let young ‘un Ryan Grant do the rest of the work to the tune of 201 yards and 3 TDs.

 Thus, the Godfather of Ex-Falcons outlasts the recent castoffs.

More than likely, this is due to the fact that he spent one season in an Atlanta uniform, and thus the effects of wearing said colors had a minimal effect on him. What he does against the Giants, a team that is entirely Ex-Falcon free, will go a long way to proving that theory.

As was mentioned in comments on the previous blog, of course, the Falcons trading Favre is one of the most notorious personnel moves in franchise (nay, NFL) history. Whether the Packers win this weekend or not, I’ll give you a few reasons next week why it really is an overblown thing. Several factors played into the trade, and the end result for the Falcons, while not including Mr. Favre, weren’t as terrible as you’d think.

 I know – it sounds crazy, but just bear with me.

For now…we’ll see if #4 still has one of those games left in him. You know, the one where he throws it around indiscriminately for about 3 or 4 picks, and the talking heads on ESPN fawn about how charming, and gunslinging, he is. Meanwhile, we’ll all be scratching our heads at the idea of Eli Manning playing in a Super Bowl.